Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's over

Hello classmates!

Well, the semester is finishing and is important make a balance about the importance of the English class in our academic formation.

This class has been a pleasure for me, especially because I’ve lost a little fear to the language.The English of my secondary school was not good, and the language learned at the university was practically to force because I was must reading the texts in English. But, the classes and above all the blog resulting very important for the improvement that today I see on myself.

Personally, I feel very satisfied with the modality of the class: they are dynamics, entertaining and relaxed. Although these aspects could seem “silly things” I think that they are really important to the learning. Is necessary an atmosphere of trust, where oneself dare to talk or write, fearless to make a fool of oneself. In this sense, the idea of make a blog seemed very good, because it allowed us talk with simplicity about topics of our interest and comment with trust the blog of our classmates.

I realized that the exercise of writing in English, every week, was very significant for my learning, because every time it was more easy thinking and writing in English. I have also noticed it in the reading. In my career most of the literature is in English, and lately I’ve been reading a lot faster and translating articles without resorting too often to the dictionary (or google translate, oops, anymore, I swear!).

Now, the writing and reading English are relatively easy for me, but there is still much to improve in listening and speaking, these abilities are still very difficult for me. But I’m convinced that we can learn well the language =)

Thanks for all. And I hope see you in the next English level.

My best regards.