Monday, December 26, 2011

New Zealand

When somebody ask me “which country would you like to visit?” my mind travel around the whole world and I can’t decide where begin. There are so many places that I would like to visit. But, first, I think that it’s necessary to know very well my own country and Latin America before travel to another country. I would to know my own culture and my Latin-American roots before to visit another country, because in this way I could share with the foreigners my traditions, my knowledge, and the different American languages, between other things. But, I think that travel around South America it’s relatively easy for me in this moment (we say "in a short period"). But if somebody tell me “Camila, I give you all money that you want” I would use that money for travel to New Zealand. Why New Zealand? The answer is very simple: The Lord of the Rings. I read the trilogy of Tolkien, but when I saw the movies I hallucinated with the landscapes. If I had the possibility of to travel to New Zealand I would like to take the "Lord of the Rings Tour" at Auckland and to know “The Shire” and the main locations of this movie.

Well, really I just have a touristic interest in this country, I didn’t would like to live there o studying, but undoubtedly it must be an amazing place for stay a season.


  1. Hello Cami! I think that New Zealand has beautiful landscapes too!! It must be an amazing place to go. The "lord of the rings tour" you're so funny!! You have to tell me how it goes when you go there! =)

  2. Camilitaaaaaaa if you wanted, I would go with you :p I didn't know about that tour and LOTR is awesome! One of the most beautiful landscapes :)

  3. Hello! What beautiful landscapes! I really hope you can travel there, so you can tell me how it is :)

    Take care

  4. Hi! I have a friend who wnet to NZ, i sent me a photo from little town called Hobbiton. So, it's just like you say :)