Monday, January 30, 2012

2012: End of the world coming.

Today is the last session of my English blog, and I’ll finish it with an important and interesting topic: The end of the world.

Currently everybody talks about the end of the world, is a kind of fashion, even in the TV shows people discuss about that. But, what it is mean? The Mayan calendar predicts a change of cycle. This people had a wide knowledge of the nature and the cosmos or universe. During thousand years they observe their environment and they got know it and, in a certain sense, control it and predict new cycles. But, who knows? Maybe they not refer to the “end of the world”, maybe they just saw the beginning of a new age or something similar… I don’t know very well the Maya Culture and its calendar… But I think that is unnecessary use that theory for asking about the end of the world.

Is pretty obvious that some time ago our world is experimenting dramatic changes: World wars, illness, climatic changes (global warming), develop of biological weapons, destruction of the nature, indiscriminate hunting, imperialism, etc. But the most important –I think- is that the people are reacting. We have seen world protest (the social movement of the “indignados” in Spain, Chile, Irish, and New York, between others). So, I see a “wake up of our conscious”. I see in some people the possibility of change. Or as Gandhi said: “Be the change that you want see in the world”.

I think that the central point of this is that the earth is tired. Is tired for all damage caused for human beings, and I think that is totally necessary a big change. Let’s hope the world ending and the nature gets a break, a breath… But not… we just must wait and trust in the good and active people, trust in us self and do something, of course.

Ok now, if the world ended this year, I would do a lot of things. First of all, I would travel just with a small bag (carrying just the necessary and basics things) until my money reach. And during this trip, I would do all things that never I do for the “social rules”: I would stole, I would be naked all the time, I would kiss to anyone that I like, etc… If the world ended this year, definitely this year would be the best ever!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friends of Planet

In this post I’m going to talk to you about a topic really important at the present. I’m referring to the ecological practices.

Currently “be ecological” is almost in fashion and a lot of people stimulate the green practices like to recycle, to re-use the things, don’t throw out garbage in the street, and don’t use aerosols. Even some people and organization promote the defense of parks, natural reserves, rivers, glaciers, forests, animals, seeds, etc. And all of this –I think- emerges because of all damage caused by the big companies, which works in the area of environment, extracting natural and mineral resources. Do this means destroying and contaminate big areas of our planet, even protected areas (so… you can see that the law, at least in Chile, doesn’t work).

All of this information is in the net, scientific magazines, some newspaper and some news. From this information are followed discussions and you can find forums in the net and WebPages (for example, you can go to this link: There you can learn to be a person more ecological and to learn how to recycle or how to reduce your ecological footprint.

But, this is a topic that before never was present in the daily conversations. For example, to my parents is very difficult understand my “green practices” like recycling or to make “ecoladrillos”, they think that is a hobby or just a temporary something. But not… those practices are part of my lifestyle, is my way of think the world.

Although I have to say that I started with this practices and this conscious few time ago, a couple of years ago maybe. But this is because I don’t have the space neither the freedom for decide to do this. I lived in the apartment of my grandmother, which was very small, so I can’t collect the garbage (you know… glass, paper and cardboard, and plastic). But now that I have my own apartment I can collect these elements and save it for the recycle truck of the municipality.

Four years ago I also used my bike instead of using the public transport (taxi, subway or transantiago), but I have an accident and my bike broke up and I can’t use it anymore. I hope save money for buy another bike, because I really need one. I hate the public transport, first, because it contaminate a lot, second, because always is full and the people haven’t patience, and third, because is so slow and it hasn’t a defined horary so many times wait a bus takes a long time.

I like be an “ecological person”, but I think that I could be better, be more committed with a cause. But I don’t have much time for dedicated one part of my life to an activity like this, because that required dedication and a real commitment.

Despite this, I try to do what I can to care the planet. For example, I recycle plastic and paper, I buy used clothes and I try to walk instead of using public transport. And, of course, I try to spread to my friends and family to include in their habits some of this green practices.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The sense of Life

That is a very delicate topic. It is one of these deep questions, like “what is love?” or “what is coming after the death?”, for example. And also it is a very personal question, everyone cans response differently, everyone can define it, because precisely that can means something different for each person.

In my case, this is a question that I have asked to me more than once. But yet I don’t have an answer or a conclusion about that. I have thought that the sense of life is related principally with the beliefs of the people. Beliefs are the things that guide the life of the people. Particularly, I believe in the goodness of people (yes, I know, I’m very optimistic) and I think that the sense of the life is to live quiet, don’t disturb to others, don’t harm others, and enjoy every moment as it been the last.

For example, the catholic people believe in God and the eternal life, and they direct their life in this sense. Long time ago I lost this beliefs, and because of this, this topic is hard for me because I don’t have a clear belief, something structured that can guide my life… so I have to think in what are the things that give sense to my life. And some of this things are my family, been with them, love them, support them. Another thing is enjoy all moments of my life and learn of it.

Obviously I have to keeping develop this topic… it’s really important to have clarity about that, because is the only form in which I can enjoy and to be conscious of my life and my possibilities.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Historians and archaeologists plans to reveal the true face of the creator of Don Quixote of La Mancha, known as one of the most important writers of the western literature.

The scientific project try to found the bones of Cervantes, buried in a convent in Madrid. The scientists wonder about which was the true face of the writer, only known from a picture painted by artist Juan de Jauregui 20 years after his death. The bones study also would reveal the real cause of death of Cervantes. It believes that Cervantes died of cirrhosis, because his rivals accused him of being a tippler. But the researches also say that he was very ill late in life.

An interesting tip is that Cervantes participated in the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571, where he suffered wounds on his chest and arms. Those are two things will have left some imprint on his bones. This could help to identifying the Cervantes’s bones.

The investigation has complications because nobody knows where the bones are exactly in the convent. For this reason, the experts pretend use a methodology based on geo-radar technology to search for hidden niches in the convent’s walls and to scan below ground.

This research is especially important for the field of literature, because it is about to know the true face of one of the most influential writers from the West. Also becomes important because there are still doubts about the cause of death of Cervantes, and the study of his bones certainly could give clues about that. Although, archaeologically, I think this research is more a literary fetish than a relevant problem about the past. You can judge for yourself.

If you want to read the original article, go to this link:

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Black Cat

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn’t know exactly what it was but then I saw on the floor the clothes that before I used for make spiritualism. I don’t understood anything because long time ago that I had left this practice. So I decided to call the woman, who introduces me in the black magic. I was desperate, because I knew that if I invoked to the spirits, this would finish very badly. It is because I had never learned to control completely my powers and the few times that I tried practice this art I made mistakes and the spirits had stayed wandering in the land making evils to the people.

When I talked with the Master in black magic, she said me if I had seen a black cat in my house during the last night… And I said “Yes! Last night, before to go to sleep, I saw a cat black on my window, which looked me attentively and mysteriously. But that didn't matter to me and I went to sleep”. “That is!” exclaimed the Master at the other side of telephone. “This cat was one of the spirits that you invoked in the past. It’s been waiting for ten years for leave this land and it went to your home for asked you a transfer to the other dimension… the spiritual dimension. Probably the black cat hypnotized to you for making a spiritualism session because in this way the spirit could get out from this land”.

In this moment I understood everything: The headache, my clothes in the floor, the mess in my bedroom, the smell of candles and incenses…

I was feeling terrible for all spirits that one time I invoked, so I decided make the last spiritualism session of my life. "I should make this", I thought. So, I collected all the stuffs for make the session: candles, incense, soft light, a table and a chair. I focused on my powers and I started to invoke the spirits who been caught in this dimension. They came to me and I said a magical phrase… And at the finish of session I felt a great relief and a fresh air entered by the window and my entire bedroom it was illuminated. Finally I was free, and also the spirits…

P. S.: My imagination is too poor in this moment... Sorry!