Monday, January 2, 2012

The Black Cat

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn’t know exactly what it was but then I saw on the floor the clothes that before I used for make spiritualism. I don’t understood anything because long time ago that I had left this practice. So I decided to call the woman, who introduces me in the black magic. I was desperate, because I knew that if I invoked to the spirits, this would finish very badly. It is because I had never learned to control completely my powers and the few times that I tried practice this art I made mistakes and the spirits had stayed wandering in the land making evils to the people.

When I talked with the Master in black magic, she said me if I had seen a black cat in my house during the last night… And I said “Yes! Last night, before to go to sleep, I saw a cat black on my window, which looked me attentively and mysteriously. But that didn't matter to me and I went to sleep”. “That is!” exclaimed the Master at the other side of telephone. “This cat was one of the spirits that you invoked in the past. It’s been waiting for ten years for leave this land and it went to your home for asked you a transfer to the other dimension… the spiritual dimension. Probably the black cat hypnotized to you for making a spiritualism session because in this way the spirit could get out from this land”.

In this moment I understood everything: The headache, my clothes in the floor, the mess in my bedroom, the smell of candles and incenses…

I was feeling terrible for all spirits that one time I invoked, so I decided make the last spiritualism session of my life. "I should make this", I thought. So, I collected all the stuffs for make the session: candles, incense, soft light, a table and a chair. I focused on my powers and I started to invoke the spirits who been caught in this dimension. They came to me and I said a magical phrase… And at the finish of session I felt a great relief and a fresh air entered by the window and my entire bedroom it was illuminated. Finally I was free, and also the spirits…

P. S.: My imagination is too poor in this moment... Sorry!


  1. I think that your imagination is not poor! Don’t do that at home! :p hahaha
    See you :)

  2. Cami, why did not you practicing the art of spiritualism?. I think it is a gift of nature

  3. I like you wrote a story so fictional, in wich you're a kind of witch...Unless you're actually a black arts practicing D:

  4. I would never practice black magic!! It is too scary for me. I really don't like this kind of things.