Monday, January 23, 2012

Friends of Planet

In this post I’m going to talk to you about a topic really important at the present. I’m referring to the ecological practices.

Currently “be ecological” is almost in fashion and a lot of people stimulate the green practices like to recycle, to re-use the things, don’t throw out garbage in the street, and don’t use aerosols. Even some people and organization promote the defense of parks, natural reserves, rivers, glaciers, forests, animals, seeds, etc. And all of this –I think- emerges because of all damage caused by the big companies, which works in the area of environment, extracting natural and mineral resources. Do this means destroying and contaminate big areas of our planet, even protected areas (so… you can see that the law, at least in Chile, doesn’t work).

All of this information is in the net, scientific magazines, some newspaper and some news. From this information are followed discussions and you can find forums in the net and WebPages (for example, you can go to this link: There you can learn to be a person more ecological and to learn how to recycle or how to reduce your ecological footprint.

But, this is a topic that before never was present in the daily conversations. For example, to my parents is very difficult understand my “green practices” like recycling or to make “ecoladrillos”, they think that is a hobby or just a temporary something. But not… those practices are part of my lifestyle, is my way of think the world.

Although I have to say that I started with this practices and this conscious few time ago, a couple of years ago maybe. But this is because I don’t have the space neither the freedom for decide to do this. I lived in the apartment of my grandmother, which was very small, so I can’t collect the garbage (you know… glass, paper and cardboard, and plastic). But now that I have my own apartment I can collect these elements and save it for the recycle truck of the municipality.

Four years ago I also used my bike instead of using the public transport (taxi, subway or transantiago), but I have an accident and my bike broke up and I can’t use it anymore. I hope save money for buy another bike, because I really need one. I hate the public transport, first, because it contaminate a lot, second, because always is full and the people haven’t patience, and third, because is so slow and it hasn’t a defined horary so many times wait a bus takes a long time.

I like be an “ecological person”, but I think that I could be better, be more committed with a cause. But I don’t have much time for dedicated one part of my life to an activity like this, because that required dedication and a real commitment.

Despite this, I try to do what I can to care the planet. For example, I recycle plastic and paper, I buy used clothes and I try to walk instead of using public transport. And, of course, I try to spread to my friends and family to include in their habits some of this green practices.


  1. I don't know why my post look at this, I try to edit it, but it doesn't change... Sorry! is not my fault!

  2. My frien`s son said some time ago: "garbage doesn`t exist". It`s true!! I think recycling is a good way to help, but what we should to do is not to produce garbage.

    I hate the culture of disposable things!


  3. it`s very interesting your post cami. I think, the planet is very important to us we need take care this planet our home....

  4. It's true what you say. It's easier recycling when you live in your own house. With parents there’s no always the space, the willingness, or the full control of the garbage.

  5. the industrial pollution should be regulated, worse nobody respects international agreements and Chilean law is very bad!

  6. Also I like “ecological person”, but is true that requires a real commitment and dedication ... which I don´t have many times in my day to day...

  7. Camilla, I think something similar happened to me. I also take time to take more action to prevent or care for the environment, but I try to do everything in my power.