Monday, January 30, 2012

2012: End of the world coming.

Today is the last session of my English blog, and I’ll finish it with an important and interesting topic: The end of the world.

Currently everybody talks about the end of the world, is a kind of fashion, even in the TV shows people discuss about that. But, what it is mean? The Mayan calendar predicts a change of cycle. This people had a wide knowledge of the nature and the cosmos or universe. During thousand years they observe their environment and they got know it and, in a certain sense, control it and predict new cycles. But, who knows? Maybe they not refer to the “end of the world”, maybe they just saw the beginning of a new age or something similar… I don’t know very well the Maya Culture and its calendar… But I think that is unnecessary use that theory for asking about the end of the world.

Is pretty obvious that some time ago our world is experimenting dramatic changes: World wars, illness, climatic changes (global warming), develop of biological weapons, destruction of the nature, indiscriminate hunting, imperialism, etc. But the most important –I think- is that the people are reacting. We have seen world protest (the social movement of the “indignados” in Spain, Chile, Irish, and New York, between others). So, I see a “wake up of our conscious”. I see in some people the possibility of change. Or as Gandhi said: “Be the change that you want see in the world”.

I think that the central point of this is that the earth is tired. Is tired for all damage caused for human beings, and I think that is totally necessary a big change. Let’s hope the world ending and the nature gets a break, a breath… But not… we just must wait and trust in the good and active people, trust in us self and do something, of course.

Ok now, if the world ended this year, I would do a lot of things. First of all, I would travel just with a small bag (carrying just the necessary and basics things) until my money reach. And during this trip, I would do all things that never I do for the “social rules”: I would stole, I would be naked all the time, I would kiss to anyone that I like, etc… If the world ended this year, definitely this year would be the best ever!


  1. hahahaha I like the things that you would do if this year is the end of the world...

  2. but only depends of you makes this year the las year of the world! Dare to do what you want!

  3. Hahaha you will become criminal in the end of the world too!
    That's the spirit.

  4. Cami, Don´t worry if want you can be naked all the time...jajaja..and finally break the social rules for this are

  5. I have two question for you... Do you believe in Mayan's prophecy? and how do you feel if you make all those things that you say's your going to do and the world doesn´t finish...What do you do?...